Welcome to my home, I’m G.D. Bessemer and I write fiction. I’ve been writing since I penned a four-word review of The Hungry Catepillar in crayon. Decades of writing short stories, Nanowrimos, and falling in and out of writing communities has left me with not much more than that to show, though.

I decided to change that and make a mark, starting with this blog.

This site serves as the space for all my collected works on the internet. If you like what you see leave a comment, or follow me here or on Twitter or Reddit.

For February 2022, I’m going to stick to updating 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Discover something new below!

Featured story

Written for the first round of NYC Midnight Short Story Contest 2022!

Short stories

Nexus of the Stellae

At the heart of world-spanning network of inter-connected portals lays the Nexus. Part city, part fortress, part diplomatic mission, the Nexus is a beacon of hope in a dangerous universe. One step through a portal, and you could go anywhere, see anything.

On the cobbled streets of the Nexus walk everything from humans to dragons to sentient fire. Merchants hawk exotic wares from across the Stellae. Students come to learn magic at the feet of the greatest living sorcerers. Leaders from client worlds meet to talk peace or threaten war.

Come see the new world I’m building, the Nexus! It’s a high fantasy world about a the city at the heart of the portal network that connects the universe together. There’s both lighthearted adventure as well as hidden machinations for control of the Stellae.

Latest Posts

  • A Counterfeit Key – Chapter 12
    Cap wakes up in an unfamiliar room, covered in injuries.
  • A Wealth of Words
    Pitaja poured the honey, oil and wine over her father’s stele. Despite leaving her with just a scab of land and a pile of regrets, at least he’d finally stopped ranting.
  • The Audition – Part 1
    A washed-up actor auditions to three fairies.
  • A Counterfeit Key – Chapter 11
    The tension broke and the rope snapped back. Cap desperately contorted to regain balance. Inexorably, she began to fall backwards.
  • Camp Nano is done! rWP word-off is done!
    It has been a whirling month of writing here. I’m exhausted but also really proud of the work I did.
  • A Counterfeit Key – Chapter 10
    The entire bar had frozen in their places; lips touched to cups, conversations mid-gesture. Even the pipe smoke in the air seemed to slow. All eyes were on the elf with the dangerous smile.


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